About Us


Here’s a fresh idea: restaurant quality fish and seafood that can go from your freezer to fork in just minutes. That’s the mission behind Morey’s Fine Fish and Seafood and the dozens of healthy, delicious products, from marinated Mahi Mahi and Wild Salmon to a variety of smoked products.

Morey’s is committed to delivering delicious, convenient and healthy fish and seafood to our customers. Morey’s products go way beyond what you might expect to find in the freezer section, with premium quality, one-of-a-kind signature tastes like Seasoned Grill Atlantic Salmon, Sweet Mango Tilapia, Shrimp in Thai Curry Sauce and Garlic Cracked Pepper Wild Pacific Salmon (is your mouth watering yet?). And that’s just the beginning. Prepared in minutes and served with your favorite sides, Morey’s will change the way you view seafood.