Smoked Fish

Smoked Salmon

Make our family tradition yours. For more than six decades, Morey’s has been the premiere maker of smoked fish, all hot-smoked using 100% hickory smoke to seal in natural flavor. Our wide selection of products make Morey’s the perfect choice for a quick and easy meal at home or for entertaining guests. From light appetizers to an upscale dinner menu, Morey’s is sure to lend itself to any recipe you can dream up. Our smoked fish products come fully cooked, ready to eat and are packed with protein with no added carbs or trans fats. And, like so many of Morey’s signature offerings, Morey’s Smoked Fish is gluten free.

Whiting Goldies

Smoked Whiting (Goldies)

Morey’s Smoked Whiting (goldies) are hot-smoked, combining the large flaky meat and semi-moist texture with the smoky flavor from 100% hickory smoke.
Smoked Lake Trout

Smoked Lake Trout

Morey’s Smoked Lake Trout is produced from fish caught in the cold, clear waters of Canada. Smoked Lake Trout is very moist, offering a buttery smoked flavor.
Peppered Pre Sliced Fillet

Wild Keta Smoked Salmon Fillets

Morey’s smoked salmon fillets come in two great flavors; Classic and Peppered. Each fillet is available in pre-sliced and unsliced, making them extremely versatile and great for entertaining.
Whole Smoked Wild Keta Salmon

Whole Smoked Wild Keta Salmon

Morey’s whole smoked salmon is the optimum choice for a fine-quality, nutritious meal. Our salmon comes smoked to perfection, fully cooked and ready for presentation - but we always welcome creative additions!
Wild Keta Smoked Salmon Chunks

Wild Keta Smoked Salmon Chunks

Morey’s Smoked Salmon chunks are hot smoked and offer the rich taste of salmon blended with the signature Morey’s smoked flavor that consumers have loved for over six decades.
Smoked Salmon Nuggets

Smoked Salmon Nuggets

Morey’s smoked salmon nuggets are available in classic or peppered flavors. Our nuggets are hot-smoked with 100% hickory smoke, sealing in the fish’s natural flavor.
Smoked Salmon Sampler

Wild Keta Smoked Salmon Sampler

Morey’s Wild Keta Smoked Salmon sampler offers you four flavors in one great portion: Classic, Cajun, Peppered and Tomato Basil.
Whole Smoked Whitefish

Smoked Whitefish

Morey’s Smoked Whitefish is hot-smoked with 100% hickory smoke and has a white, moist flesh, and is slightly firm with a mild flavor.