Unique Finds

Here at Morey’s, we’re always on the lookout for the next great fish and seafood product for your dinner table – whether it’s based on a timeless tradition, like our pickled herring or something convenient and versatile for a variety of dishes, like our imitation crabmeat/surimi. Discover these unique offerings that will soon become a favorite in your home.

Morey's Pickled Herring

Morey’s Pickled Herring

Morey’s Pickled Herring is available in two great flavors: Cream Sauce and Wine Sauce. Both are perfect for parties or just as a quick and easy snack. Certified Kosher.
Nova Lox

Morey’s Nova Lox

Exclusively prepared from sustainably sourced, Wild Alaskan salmon. Featuring a great, all-natural Alderwood smoke flavor, Nova Lox is great for special occasions or just a little indulgence. Certified Kosher.

Imitation Crabmeat/Surimi

Made from the highest quality Alaskan Pollock, our proprietary recipe is unique and versatile. Perfect for pasta dishes, salads, casseroles, appetizers and so much more! Available in both Flake and Leg style.