Meal Ideas



Meal Ideas

Morey’s products can easily become the centerpiece of any meal. They’re delicious, nutritious and can be prepared in minutes. But, what’s the best type of sides to pair them with? Or, for those with a little bit more ambition, what all-new meals can you create when you incorporate Morey’s fish and seafood? We’re here to offer a few ideas:

All of Morey’s products work great with your favorite mixed vegetables as a side. Consider garlic and herb potatoes or crisp asparagus for a sure-fire way to impress the family or dinner guests. Serve on a bed of rice or use wild rice pilaf as an additional side.

For dozens of recipes, searchable by fish or meal type, go HERE

A few ideas to get you started:


Smoked Products: These are great when added to pasta, salads, and dips. Try our recipe for smoked salmon pizza or party pinwheels. Find all the recipes HERE

Seasoned Grill Salmon or Tilapia: How about fish tacos at home? It’s easy with these marinated creations from Morey’s. Check out the recipe HERE

Marinated Tilapia Sweet Mango: Try with your favorite mango salsa and grilled yellow zucchini. The perfect summer dish!

Look for more Fresh Ideas in the months ahead.